If you asked us what kind of couples we like to work with, we couldn’t come up with an exact profile – at least not one of those informed by statistics and algorithms that insist on turning us all into numbers and limit our points of view. The couple that gives us the thrills is the one that doesn’t follow conventions and thinks of all details to personalize their party, like Marta and Miguel did. Results may vary a lot and that’s why it is so challenging – most times we have to be extra creative to go along.

Marta and Miguel chose the setting, took the two blue balloons with them and asked us for a more fun than romantic session. And the balloons weren’t just any props! It was meant to be a teaser for the pièce de résistance of their wedding party: two incredible days by the lake at Colina dos Piscos and a hot air balloon to ride. This photos were used in a website with informations about the wedding. And we’re still excited to think that we were able to be a part of all that!