Uns e Outros is a portuguese expression that means something like “anyone”. We liked the inclusive vibe the name brought to the body of work we built together, and it sticked. Not just because we photograph some things and design others, but because we are open to work with you and anyone who shares our vision of non-traditional, vibrant and unapologetic displays of love. 


We always learn and rejoice with a good love story, so we like to think of Uns e Outros as a safe space to share ideas, create cheerful imagery and a helping hand to make dreams happen. We’re aware of the challenges that today’s lovers face, finding their own style to celebrate love, and so we’re here to be your partners in that adventure. 

Cheerful photography and bespoke invitations for today's lovers.


Ana Filipa is the designer responsible for all the pretty invitations you find on our website. With a passion for watercolor painting, she is here to help you make your ideas come true. 

She makes invitationsmenustable numbers & setting for weddings, christenings and all kinds of celebrations. 


A Lais is the team’s photographer. She enjoys picturing emotions more than anything else, so whether you are giving her a smile or feeling a bit moody, you will find her looking for bright, candid and cheerful images to depict that atmosphere.


She’s available for photographic coverage of: weddings; christenings; birthday parties and all sorts of events. Engagement, couples, family, pregnancy, pet and portrait sessions.

We enjoy working together. So you will ofter find us photographing side by side and putting our heads together around a new design project.